The Smok Novo – A Smoke Deterrent FOR THE Electronic Cigarette Addiction

Smok Novo

The Smok Novo – A Smoke Deterrent FOR THE Electronic Cigarette Addiction

SMOK NOVO is really a new kind of smoking cessation technique introduced in the market by the American Cancer Society. It isn’t exactly like nicotine patches or gum, because it does not involve the use of nicotine. Smoking cessation products can be purchased in everywhere and there’s no shortage of these. But this one differs because it doesn’t use nicotine at all. Instead it provides the smoker with the motivational power and will power to quit smoking. That is why it’s becoming so popular – simply because it works.

First of all, Smok Novo includes a component that serves as an end signal for the nicotine in the smoker’s body. When this component is present, the smoker can’t enjoy the taste of the cigarette. He must then get rid of the will power to give up smoking. In ways, this makes quitting smoking not only more difficult but also longer. That’s why this product became so successful.

Smok Novo runs on the unique ingredient that provides smokers sufficient of the nicotine minus the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. Without nicotine, the smoker can feel irritability, headaches, nervousness and tremors. These symptoms often lead smokers back to their addiction. But Smok Novo reduces these symptoms and substitutes them with milder ones. The result is that smokers do not have problems with the withdrawal symptoms and that makes quitting smoking a much easier process.

Smok Novo also contains an “on” switch which allows the user to turn off these devices when he wants to get yourself a smoke without turning on the machine. This “on switch” is comparable to the electronic cigarette or nicotine patch. But unlike the electronic cigarettes or patches, the user doesn’t have to go through the process of getting nicotine directly from the patch or electronic cigarette. Instead, the Smok Novo user gets the “on switch” to turn off the Smok Novo and continue smoking. The only way the user can know that he’s got turned the Smok Novo on is by feeling a tingling sensation or perhaps a slight burning sensation in the head.

The Smok Novo includes a battery backup system that will power up automatically in case of power outages or in case a power outage occurs in the area the Smok Novo is situated. Furthermore, the battery backup system doubles as a shutoff switch for the device so the user does not accidentally turn it on or off. Once the power outage or power failure occurs, the Smok Novo will shut itself off automatically minus the hassle of an individual. This feature makes it super easy for smokers to light a cigarette once the electricity is out. The Smok Novo even has a variable temperature setting that allows the user to adjust the temperature of the smoking experience from the very cold smoking experience to a very hot one.

Besides Vape its many positive features, here are a few negative areas of the Smok Novo that needs to be considered before purchasing the product. First, the electric cigarettes that use this kit aren’t very safe to use for children. As an adult, I found the electronic cigarettes to be a welcome change from the traditional cigarettes that I used. Smokers who enjoy smoking cigarettes will appreciate the ease of use and the way that the Smok Novo eliminates some of the physical smoking involved in smoking. Smokers who have given up smoking cigarettes will also find this electronic kit to be a fantastic replacement that they can enjoy for many years ahead.

Much like any electronic cigarette, the effectiveness of the Smok Novo is contingent upon the quantity of nicotine present in the kit. If you’re a heavy smoker or are just an informal smoker, the electronic cigarette may not work for you. However, if you’re a fresh or occasional smoker, then your Smok Novo could be a great alternative. It gives the electronic cigarette wearer a great alternative to smoking and provides a healthier alternative to smoking. Smok Novo kits can be bought for the most part local drug stores and retailers who sell electronic cigarette products. The price of the Smok Novo is quite reasonable, considering each of the health benefits it offers.

Smok Novo can be considering a great option to quitting cold turkey. Because the Smok Novo is a device that you actually hold in your hand, you will find a greater opportunity for success. You don’t need to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that can arise from utilizing an electronic cigarette when you are attempting to quit. The Smok Novo is a good addition to any electronic cigarette kit.